Today I was listening to talk radio and they were having a discussion about a statement the Pat Buchanan said.  He said “Your boy” when he was talk about the President to Al Sharpten.  He did not feel that what he said is wrong.  This phrase was used by white people in south to refer to African Americans.

As I was listening further people who were not African-American did not find it to be that offensive.  Which lead me to think about how people rarely think about the words they are using.  People generally speak then think and as a result conflict becomes the outcome.  If we thought more about what we were saying the world would have far less conflict than we have now.  I know that this seems like a simplistic way to look at it but think about it.  How often in your life have the conflict you have had resulted from a misunderstanding of something said.

As for the statement made by Pat Buchanan we need to be more sensitive to those words and phrases that have a derogatory connotations.  There is no excuses for using them.


Author: cadmus38

I am living in Albuquerque, New Mexico enjoying the good life. I love getting out and about in the outdoors. I am an award winning photographer. I like meeting new people and getting to know them. Feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions of topics you would love to hear my thoughts on

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