Who is really messing up marriage

This past week there has been all kinds of stories about Kim Kardashian and her divorce after only 72 days of marriage.  There are all kinds of speculations as to why it is going to happen.  I have also heard that gay people will destroy marriage if they are allowed to participate in marriage.

Well from my perspective straight people have done a mockery of marriage for so many years.  They have celebrated in the strangest places and manners.  They have done it on horseback and underwater.  They have had everyone from Elvis to Aliens preside over their marriage.  So you tell me how is this respecting marriage.  There have been other people from celebrities to every day people who have gotten married for the presents or so that they could be the center of attention.

I think that allowing gay people to get married will not bring the world to an nor will it destroy it.  Reality is that most gay people tend to leave things in better shape than before they touched them.  Reality is that in Massachusetts the divorce rate has gone down since the State allowed gay marriages.  I would say that things are better now.

What organizations like National Organization for Marriage  don’t understand is that they really are not defending marriage they are trying to put forward their religion.  The reality of marriage is that from the beginning marriage was a contract between two men over their property, that being a woman.  All the customs that these people say are for heterosexual marriages are the rituals for trading property and example of this the father giving away the bride.

We should just allow gay people to get married and move on.  I don’t know of any gay people who want to have a religious institution bless their marriage.


Author: cadmus38

I am living in Albuquerque, New Mexico enjoying the good life. I love getting out and about in the outdoors. I am an award winning photographer. I like meeting new people and getting to know them. Feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions of topics you would love to hear my thoughts on

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