I hate him because ……

I volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters and have been matched with my little for just over 3 years. He is an awesome kid and it is fun hanging out with him he says funny things.  His observations have challenged me at times.  I will go and have lunch with him at school from time to time.  This week I was having lunch and I kept hearing different kids say, ” I hate ___ because…”  Now I know that they probably really didn’t hate some one more that they didn’t like a behavior or they didn’t get along with the other person.

I got to thinking why these kids would be saying something like that.  Remember I am talking about 10 year old kids.  I would have to guess they hear their parents say that about someone they deal with in their life.  They probably hear it on tv or in music they listen too.  Wherever the source there are little people who are listening and modeling.  Do we really need to talk about hate and dislike around kids?  Wouldn’t it be better if we say things like I don’t get alone with someone or I dislike a behavior rather than say I hate?  If as adults we modify our way of communicating with others and being a little more sensitive to the words we use so that we can slowly make a difference in this world of ours.



Author: cadmus38

I am living in Albuquerque, New Mexico enjoying the good life. I love getting out and about in the outdoors. I am an award winning photographer. I like meeting new people and getting to know them. Feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions of topics you would love to hear my thoughts on

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