How closed minded

Earlier today when I was getting ready to start my day and there was a commercial for show that will be on television later this week.  It is called “What would you do?”

Now if you have not heard of the show they do something out in public such as have someone mugged and see what the average person on the street would do.  This upcoming episode they will have two men in a restaurant and one will propose to the other.  They had two clips in this commercial from the show.  One woman tells the couple that it is not a real marriage and they should leave.  The second is a man who shakes his head in disgust.

Now I have not see the whole show so I can’t comment on the show but I will comment on the two clips from the commercial.  The one of the woman who said that the marriage of these two men is not a real marriage seemed to have made a decision right away.  How would she like if i said her relationship is not a real relationship.  And what if I told her that her kids are illegitimate since here marriage is not a real one.

I am tired of hearing people making judgements of other peoples relationships and saying they are less than their own.  What makes one person’s relationship better.  Is it that they have more money than someone else. That doesn’t make a relationship.  Is it how long they dated before they formalized their relationship?  That means nothing else well.  What would you do?

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