Elected to serve

Now we are in the middle of primary season and soon to general election.   I find it interesting that all these different people saying all kinds of different things while campaigning.  One woman that is running for an open seat in my state once served in another elected position.  While she was serving I watched how she told different things on the same subject.  Seriously I was at a morning meeting and she was against the proposed legislation  and a few hours later at a different meeting she said the opposite of what she had said in the morning.

So it has me wondering do politicians  every tell the truth?  They promise this and that but do they every deliver on their promises?  Generally they don’t and they generally just argue and few care for those they are serving.


Author: cadmus38

I am living in Albuquerque, New Mexico enjoying the good life. I love getting out and about in the outdoors. I am an award winning photographer. I like meeting new people and getting to know them. Feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions of topics you would love to hear my thoughts on

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