The first time was…..

Earlier today I heard a song and the singer was talking about all his first time doing different things.  Made me think about all the firsts I’ve experienced in my life.  The first time I walked and the first time I drove a car.  The first graduated from college.  The continues to be firsts in my life even now.  Life is full of first times and if you don’experience those you may be living a sheltered or a non interesting life.

What we sometimes foris the that our firsts can have an impact on other people.  Like for examwhen the first time we have sex has a bearing on others.  The first time we had say an accident.  Now these are extreme but you get the point.  Everything we do are connected to one another.


Author: cadmus38

I am living in Albuquerque, New Mexico enjoying the good life. I love getting out and about in the outdoors. I am an award winning photographer. I like meeting new people and getting to know them. Feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions of topics you would love to hear my thoughts on

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