Touch others lives

Recently I was remind how easy its make a difference in someone’s life.  Someone I knew years ago in my life walked up to me in a store and asked if I was so and so and we talked for a few and caught up.  He reminded me of how I had made a difference in his life and how that has stuck with him to this day.

We run across people every day in our lives.  How we interact with them will make a difference.  Think about it how often to you relell stories of people you  encounter at the store or other places.  Some people may just come in and out of our lives but how we treat people is the most important thing.


Giving back to the community

I know I have talked in the past about this but I felt I needed to talk about it again.  This weekend I will be volunteering at a local elementary school for a big community service day.  The more they get there to help the more money that the the school will get from a business.  I am looking forward to helping out.

What it is interesting is a lot of the people who will be there will be some of the same people I see at other events.  I know I read somewhere that there is a small percentage of people who volunteer to do anything.  Though the time of year when most people volunteer is in the fall during the holiday season.  That is also the time of year that most people donate to charities.  If we want to make a difference we need to be helping others all the year round.

I want to say sorry to those who follow me for not posting for a while life took over.  I would love for people to respond and tell me what kinds of things you do when you volunteer.

It say what?

I was reading about how kid was not allowed to wear a t-shirt to school that said, “Jesus was not a homophob.”  They said it was inappropriate and wrong.    If these people were saying that the t-shirt was wrong the natural interpretation would be that “Jesus was a homophob.  Now I have had owned and do own message shirts.  I am sure I will continue to own them in the future.  When I get a message t-shirt I will read it a few times to make sure what it says.

The sad thing is that the people who were so against this shirt were Christians.  They said it was agaist Jesus.  Now I don’t remember every reading about Jesus talking about this issue and last I knew Jesus said to love everyone.  To me the t-shirt was trying to convey this exact message that Jesus wants everyone to love.

What we say others are listening

Today on my Facebook news feed a friend has posted a link to an article about a mom and her 15 year old son.  What the article was about was that the son was given an article entitled, “I’m Christian unless your gay.”  The young man brought the article home as part of a writing assignment at school.  The mom went on to say how wrong and went further.  The boy ended up sneaking out of the house to write the essay.  He came out to the mom.  The boy in his essay said he was given the choices of running away or take a more sever actions.

This made me thinsk about how much is told to children without thinking.  Most children listen to their prents till the go overboard.  Ive known kids when I was growing up that hated their lives because of what their parents were telling them. While children need guidance they don’t need to be taught to perpetuate the negative thoughts and words. The good thing for the child in the article the mother came to realize what she was doing and the young man was able to continue to grow and will one day be able to make a contribution to society.

The first time was…..

Earlier today I heard a song and the singer was talking about all his first time doing different things.  Made me think about all the firsts I’ve experienced in my life.  The first time I walked and the first time I drove a car.  The first graduated from college.  The continues to be firsts in my life even now.  Life is full of first times and if you don’experience those you may be living a sheltered or a non interesting life.

What we sometimes foris the that our firsts can have an impact on other people.  Like for examwhen the first time we have sex has a bearing on others.  The first time we had say an accident.  Now these are extreme but you get the point.  Everything we do are connected to one another.

The times are a changing

Tonight I was in one of my moods that I wanted to watch one of my movies or shows I own.  I picked one that was filmed right around turn of the millennium.  I remember when it came out it was shocking for some people and now it seems tame knowing what is being produced today in the way of television and movies.

Think about it we have a show like Modern Family on a network primetime slot where they are showing a gay committed couple.  Twelve years ago we would not have seen that on network television.  I can still remember when Ellen came out in her television show.  It made all kinds of covers of magazines and newspapers.  Now a star comes out and nobody says much.

I know that as time moves on I will witness a lot of changes in the future.  I think about my grandmother who will be 98 this year and how much she has seen change and what she has experienced.  Time is changing and we can jump on and enjoy the ride or we can fight it and get beat up as we fight it.

Elected to serve

Now we are in the middle of primary season and soon to general election.   I find it interesting that all these different people saying all kinds of different things while campaigning.  One woman that is running for an open seat in my state once served in another elected position.  While she was serving I watched how she told different things on the same subject.  Seriously I was at a morning meeting and she was against the proposed legislation  and a few hours later at a different meeting she said the opposite of what she had said in the morning.

So it has me wondering do politicians  every tell the truth?  They promise this and that but do they every deliver on their promises?  Generally they don’t and they generally just argue and few care for those they are serving.