Which do we choose?

This year we choose a new leader for our country.  Every four years we deal with people trying to convince us they are the right person lead both the presidency but congress.  There are also the local elections as well.  This year has been an interesting year so far when it comes to our choices.  I want to speak about a specific candidate but about the process.


Studies have shown that most people don’t bother to really research what each candidate believe and what they want to do if elected.  People approach it differently when it comes to voting.  I have know people who will vote a straight party ticket because that is what their family has always done.  At the other extreme you have the person who will research every single item on the ballot. These people can tell you in detail  what each candidate stands for and what each issue is about.  Neither is right or wrong that is a personal choice.  That is what it comes down to our vote is a personal choice.  Who we choose for vote for and why is up to us.  I know for me I like to think that who ever gets my vote aligns with what I believe.  I would encourage everyone to educate yourself about what each person stands for.

Change is Required Growth is Optional.

We generally don’t realize that we go through changes on a daily bases.  Every person we meet or experience we have changes our life.    Depending on how close we are to the those people or how intense of an experience we had modifies us.

As I reflect on my life I can pinpoint where certain beliefs or strongly held ideas and how they were developed.   One very strong belief  I have is that I need to give back to the community.  It goes back to when I was kid and the things we did as family for others.  Even to this day my family still give back in different ways to the community.  Some of us are more involved in give than others but we still try to make a positive difference in the world.  I would call it a family value.

My grandfather taught me to be proud of who I am.  Sadly he is not around still but I still remember as a small child hearing my grandfather stand against injustice he experienced in his life or what he learned about.  He instilled in me that I need to be proud of who I am as a Hispanic man.  That has been a challenge at times because of the color of my skin.  As a person of color, I have heard things said to me that made me what to stand up for myself. At times people who confessed to be my friend have challenged me.  It has resulted in me being an advocate for those without voice.

Once last aspect of how I have been influenced by others is how I am optimistic.  I would consider myself a glass half full person.  For the me the road ahead is nothing but full of options that will only make life better.  Now that may seem short sited.  I accept that there will be bumps in the road because no road is perfect.  But I have the ability to make the road ahead nothing but amazing.  I am driving my future and I can keep it going in the right direction.  Some people may try to move me off course but I have the ability to keep on course and make the best of life.

Well I know that I have taken three really different perspectives here but I believe that they are connected and help make me a better person.  What you think?


What are the changes?

I know it has been a long time since I had posted on here.  I have decided to try to post on here again.  I will try to find new subjects that are interesting to everyone who reads what I write.  If you have any questions of would like me to write more on any of the subjects I have already written about.  I would also like to hear what you think about my topics whether you agree with me or not.  I like to hear other people opinions just be civil and be respectful.

IMG_0276 (2)

Who cares?

Tonight I was watching tv and came across a documentary about older women dating and entering into relationships with younger men.  Now I am not talking a few year difference.  I am talking 20 or more years difference in age.  Now for some this idea may sound odd.  It may not be the type of person you would like to date.  Or maybe you are that kind of person who likes to date older.  Each of us has a type or specific kind of person we like to date.  Attraction to the opposite or same sex is something that is part of who we are.

All of the people in the dcoumentary were adults and could make choices on their own.  As adults we should be free to make those choices of who we date so long as they other person is an adult as well.  One women in the show was up front about the fact that as an older woman some younger men found her attractive and even showed her on a date with a much younger man and he was happy about it.  In one part of the show  one of the friends of the young man said point blank he should not be dating older women.  That he didn’t want to see his friend date older women and he even said his friend should be dating women his age.  What I found interesting was that he didn’t care if his friend  was happy or that he loved the woman  It was his personal interests and likes that were important and not the young man.

I know for me in the past I have seen friends date people that I felt were wrong for them and in some cases I was right.  But at other times I was wrong and they developed relationships that continue to go.  What was my role was to support my friend and let them be happy  My biases were not what was important but my friends happiness.  So who cares about age or any other issue?

Respect to others

Today I decided to go to the movies since I had the day off and didn’t want to go shopping.  Right in front of me was a family with a little girl about 3 years old.  Through the whole movie she would talk to her parents loud and the parents would not tell her to stay quiet.  What amazed me more than anything else is that it was an R rated movie.  There was a lot in the movie that would have been inappropriate for a small child.  I couldn’t believe that they would bring her.  The other thing that annoyed me was her loud talking and her parents would not say anything to her.  People around the family kept tell saying shhh to her to so they would get a hint.  The mother got up at one point took her out but brought her back in.  Now I understand that they paid the money for tickets like I did but that does not mean I should have to put up with a disruptive child.  There are some places that small children should not be taken and respect for those around should take precedents. 

Back to writing

Well hello everyone I know it has been a few months since I posted something.  I know for a few of you I have been asked when I was going to post again.  Here you go I will try to get better at this and get back to posting on a daily bases.  There are lots of things to write about and today I will be a little personal.

This week I received a book this week.  In the book was one of my photos.  I have won numerous awards in the past for my photographs but this is the first time one of my photos was published.  And before you send me a note the photo above is not the photo.

So it got me thinking that had I not entered the first competition years ago I would not have had this last accomplishment.  I remember that some suggested it to me and I kept saying I was not sure I was good enough.  Now I have approved since that first time but how often have we decided not to try something because we think we are not good enough.  Reality it is that if we think we are good enough and we think we are good at it we are the most important critic.  Now that is not to say I think every photo I take is awesome.  Believe me that is not always the case.  But I am always willing to take that risk.  Life is full of risks as the saying goes.

What do we say?

I was in church today and we were going through some prayers that we always say and I listened to the words more closely today.  As I was looking around I could see people saying the words just out of memory.  Made me wonder how often in our lives do we just go through motions or say things out of habit.

When you greet people at work or in your own home do you really mean it or do it out of habit?  When you ask someone how they are doing do you really hear their answer?


I was watching television and they were talking about how if you purchased an item you’d get another thing free.  If you have to purchase some thing to get something else is it really free?  If you look up the definition means no strings.  I don’t know when was the last time an advertisement really meant free.

Walls around

What keeps us from letting others know who we are?  Why is it we put so many walls up to keep people out of our lives?  These question are some of what I ponder about from time to time.  I know that it is impossible for us completely know another person. But at the same time I know we have the chance to open up and let people in our life.  I have meet a lot of people in my journey in this world where they have built a whole world around themselves just keep people out.  The interesting thing is that some of these same people as some of the loneliest people out there.  As human beings we need other people around us to make the world better.