What makes it a sport?

Today I attended a rugby game.  I don’t know all the rules but it is interesting to watch.  I do that with some sports like hockey and of course rugby.  It made me think of all the sports I have seen and heard of in my life. The question that came to mind is what makes a sport a sport?

Think about it there are sports like fencing which at one time was a way of survival and today we call it a sport.  There are things like curling that makes me wonder who was the one who started that sport and what was he thinking about?  Now not all sports are well known or have a large following.  Some we may find boring or strange.  I find Nascar to be a strange sport but I know people who will sit in front of  television and watch it for hours.  Some sports like golf are fun to play but to watch no much fun.

Still gets back to my original question is what makes a sport a sport?

How risky

I know I have written blogs about relationships in the past and have explored lots of different facets of relationships but it now makes me wonder why fate can be so cruel.  Now I am not saying that our relationships are all left to the fates or chance.  I do believe that every person who comes into our lives does so for a reason.

Now some will come into our lives to changes us into a totally different person and still others come into our lives to give us options of where our path should go.  Those kinds of relationships can be the most challenging.  That is because they may both look to be leading to that next growth point on our journey in this life.  They both may seem to be pointing us to where we want to go.  They may both be pointing us down the road of life that will make us happy.  The thing is that we don’t know where each will take us and we don’t know if it is the right or wrong way.  Now sometimes we can choose a path and find that it is wrong leave that and go back to where we had the choice and take the other path.  Now with relationships that is not as easy.  Once we have passed up that choice other people move on and we can’t go back.

So then which is the path to take.  For me I am at those crossroads and I now have a choice.  I think both might be taking me down a road I am ready to travel.  They both seem to be an adventure and will make me happy.  So which to choose maybe its time to close my eyes and leap.

Time is running out

I don’t know how many of you know that the Mayan Calendar says that this year will be the end of the year.  With that in mind I decided to think about what would I want to get done this year.

Now if the world was coming to the end there would not be a bucket list.  It would be things that are important to me that I would want to do.  I would want to enjoy the artistic things in the world like theater and museums.  So I would want to see some of the greatest museums out there I have not been to yet.  I would want to see the amazing shows on broadway and other shows out there.

I would want to spend time with people who are important to me in my life at this point. I would also want to spend more time with each of those people.

A different perspective

I was watching the SAG awards tonight and was excited that one of my favorite movies won several awards.  In the acceptance speak for one of them the speaker talked about how sexism and racism needs to be addressed.

Now for some they may think that this is not important in today’s world.  Reality is that there is still sexism and racism in this world.  Now for some who are not a person of color or who is not a woman this does not make sense.  As a person of color to me this statement makes perfect sense.  I have at different times in my life I have experienced racism. Now it has not been to the extent of those of the 60’s during the civil rights era but still I have experienced it.

I have been told that I should not speak Spanish or eat certain foods as a kid.  In college I was told by someone that I should act a certain way to be accepted.  Today prejudice takes forms that are not as obvious as this but it still exists.  People are still being singled out for some of their features or how they live.  What makes one way better than the other?  What makes one person better than another?

We need to remember that we are all human beings and that our differences are what make a better world.

People we live with

I have always thought it was interesting how we have a couple of shows that deal with people living together as roommates for a period of time and have lives filmed.  Now I personally could never do that since I like my privacy.  But made me think about roommates I have had over the years.

Now I can’t say that all of them were good situations but they were learning experiences.  For some people they are not able to negotiate with others in a living situation.  After all whether it is family or others we live with it is about negotiating how take care of our living space and what TV channels we watch.  It is giving and taking when we live with other people.

Are Kids worth it?

Recently I was talking to someone who was telling me about an agency that takes kids and that most are dropped off and parents don’t contact them.  I think about it and makes me sad that people can create a life and not care.

How many times have we heard of kids who were abused and neglected.  Some don’t even live because the damage to them is to much that they no longer live.  Children are wonderful things and the respect and care needs to be there for them.  We should care and we should protect our children.

All people are equal

I just saw a story about how two men were convicted of a hate crime in New Mexico.  The two individuals branded a mentally challenged man with a swastika and craved one in his hair.

It is really sad that people have to do things like this to other people.  It doesn’t matter what they do or who they are they are human beings.  It seems that people would rather hurt others than to do good.  This story is not the only one you will find online if you search.  People are being beaten or worse because of a perceived disability, creed , race, or other thing that makes them different.

The fact is that because of our differences our world is a better place.  Think about it how many different foods do we eat that come from different cultures.  More and more the dishes that we eat are not purely one culture.  I know for me if I like certain spices I will use them when I am cooking.  The spices I use are not strictly from my background.

So back to this recent conviction I hope that more people will learn from this that hating is not going to be accepted and should be open to other people.

How closed minded

Earlier today when I was getting ready to start my day and there was a commercial for show that will be on television later this week.  It is called “What would you do?”

Now if you have not heard of the show they do something out in public such as have someone mugged and see what the average person on the street would do.  This upcoming episode they will have two men in a restaurant and one will propose to the other.  They had two clips in this commercial from the show.  One woman tells the couple that it is not a real marriage and they should leave.  The second is a man who shakes his head in disgust.

Now I have not see the whole show so I can’t comment on the show but I will comment on the two clips from the commercial.  The one of the woman who said that the marriage of these two men is not a real marriage seemed to have made a decision right away.  How would she like if i said her relationship is not a real relationship.  And what if I told her that her kids are illegitimate since here marriage is not a real one.

I am tired of hearing people making judgements of other peoples relationships and saying they are less than their own.  What makes one person’s relationship better.  Is it that they have more money than someone else. That doesn’t make a relationship.  Is it how long they dated before they formalized their relationship?  That means nothing else well.  What would you do?

What’s on your shelf?

I have been working on getting through a series of mystery books this year.  The series is by Sue Grafton and I am about half way through the series.  I love reading mysteries and I am really into the books.  I would recommend them to anyone.  I have always loved reading and I try to read as much as possible.  I do a lot of reading for my job but besides that I like to do other reading.

I have know people who would be happy to say they have not read anything since they finished school.  Now for me that is sad since it means they have stopped learning.  I have always felt that I don’t stop learning until I die.

What makes you feel good

This week will be a busy week of travel.  I am used to traveling but made me wonder about the things that make traveling comfortable.  I have developed a routine and list of things I need to have with me to make my traveling fun.

I have heard of people taking pillows and not use the hotel pillows.  I have heard of others bring along their favorite coffee or drinks.  I like to have snacks that are healthy while I am traveling.  I also keep a bottle of water to keep hydrated.