What do men know?

Generally I try ignoring certain people in the media because they talk and don’t seem to think.   One such person is Rush Limbaugh.  What I have heard come out of his mouth makes me wonder if his brain is every engaged.  Today I heard an audio of his show that reinforces my thought again.  There was a young woman who went to testify about the birth control before congress.  She was advocating having birth control available to women.  Now whether or not you agree with this issue is irrelevant for this post.  I believe it should be made available and if some choose to use it should be their option.  I digress.

In his show, Limbaugh began to call the young woman a slut because she was standing up for this issue.  What she does or does not do in her sexual life has nothing to do with issue.  For all we know she has never had sex and frankly it is none of our business.  Labeling or calling this woman a slut was wrong on so many different levels and I feel is bullying.  It reminds me of what grade school kids do on a playground to hurt other kids.  When will he grow up?


Where we headed

Now those who know me well know I am a technology junkie.  I like getting the latest new gadget when it comes out.  I love electronics and love to text and tweet and all the social media things.  As i was reflecting today I was think how great all these things are in our life and at the same time I got to thinking about what we may be losing.

When was the last time you state down and wrote a letter to a friend or family member who lives far away.  I know at one time I have personalized stationary that I would use and I would write three or four letter a week to friends and family.  I did find that box of stationary at the bottom of drawer today all dusty.  The only letters I have written lately have been for work and the art of personalized letters seems to be going away.  Recently I event got a form email thanking me for a wedding gift I gave.

It seems that as we continue to advance in forms of communications that other forms diminish.  Though i do think that we shouldn’t lose the art of a personal letter.

Its the simple things

I am one of those lucky people that I have a job that makes me happy and that I love.  I get to do something everyday to make others lives a little better.  I am also good and what I do and have been rewarded for doing my job so well and have the support of my superiors in the company.  Which made me think about what does it take to make me happy?

Now I could write some long dissertation on what happiness is from a philosophical perspective but I am not though it would be fun.  I would have to say it is the simple things in life that give me pleasure and happiness.  Now that is not to say that financial rewards or material rewards mean nothing but only add to my happiness.  For me it is those interactions with others in my life that give me pleasure and happiness.

What are those you may ask?  Well for me it is the little nice things that people do for me like telling me I am doing a good job on some project or activity I am doing.  To take time to notice improvements in the way I look or dress.  Taking time to do something unexpected and nice for me.  Showing concern or care for me and well being.

Now for some you may say that is natural and should be done.  The reality is that a lot of people don’t have the support from family or friends in what they are doing in their life.  For some there at not those people in their lives who give them encouragement and support.  There are not people who are doing those little things to make life good for them.  Yeah we need to develop them but at the same time we need people to be open to others.

Now I am not saying we befriend the whole world.  That is not what we need to do.  We need to do the little things for others around us.  It may be as simple as thank you or have a nice day.  Those who are important in our lives may require greater efforts but it will make a difference in someone’s life.

Who owns words?

Today I heard a rather crazy thing on the radio.  It seems that the guy who did the videos in the 90s about girls gone wild is trying to keep Madonna from releasing a song on her new album called girls gone wild.

Now I am all for those who do things artistically being given credit for what they do.  I myself am a photographer and have recently had a photo published.  I think that those who are creative need to be honored and recognized.  But the question is how far is to far?

Just because Madonna is releasing a song with this title does not mean it has anything to do with those videos.  The radio went so far as to show that there are numerous other groups who have the same or similar titles for songs.  The title does not always reflect what the song or the photo or any other artistic form is conveying.  It is up to the individual to interpret those words and gain something from them.

Bottom line on this issue is that this guy is sad he lost out on making more money.

What makes a good movie

Tonight I watched the Oscars.  Now I don’t usually watch all the awards show.  But tonight I felt like I wanted to watch this year since there was one movie I loved that was being nominated.  I was thinking as I was watching it about what makes a movie good.

Now I have a very wide range of movie tastes.  I like some corny movies and I like some great movies.  I like animation and I like teen movies.  I can’t say I like a particular style of movies.  I do know I don’t like horror movies.  I find that the awards shows rarely reflect my taste in movies.  So what makes a good movie?  What is it that these various groups look for in good movies?

While taste is subjective and each of us has his/her own ideas good is an important thing.  What movies do you like?

How far will you take a stand?

I don’t know if you have heard about an issue in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  A hairdresser said he will not longer cut the governor’s hair because of her stand on Gay Marriage.  It made the local news and then got picked up national news.

Now whether or not you agree on the issue is a different discussion.  What I wanted to focus on what would it take to stand for something you feel strongly about.  I know that personally I have a number of issues that I feel strong about and I would do something to let my voice be heard on those issues.  I know in the past I have made phone calls to legislators to them know my feelings on proposed laws and I have written letters.  I have signed petitions for various issues.  Now these are being active activities.  However, what this man did had an effect on his business.

Some may say that that is his thing and I hope that he is ready to lose business.  That may or may not happen.  We don’t know what will happen.  But we need to ask ourselves would I be willing to really take a stand even if it would have an effect my income.    It takes a lot guts to really take a stand for what you believe in.

Think about some of the great leaders who made a difference in our world such as Martin Luther King or Gandhi.   The stood for what they believed and really made a difference.  It is a real challenge I think to really stand for what you believe in.



I have heard people say that they have regrets from their younger days.  They regret that they didn’t do some thing or that they wish they had made different decisions.  Well while I wish that there are things in my past I wished were different there is no reason to focus on the past.  There is no way for us to go back in time to change past actions and decisions.  The past is the past and there is no going back.  I know that for me while I respect what has happened in the past I need to keep my eyes on the future.

The future is something each of us has that we can control.  We control it by our actions and decisions.  While our past colors those decisions we need to make them based on what we want our future to be.  Do you focus on regrets or focus on the future?

Are you a Negative Nancy

Now we probably all know at least one of those people who negative about things in their life.  They are negative about their jobs.  They cannot tell you anything that is good about their coworkers or the place they work or the kind of work they do.  They negative and yet they don’t look for another job.

They are negative about their social life and don’t do anything to change their social life.  They don’t bother to find other places to go or change their behavior.  They complain about their family life and what they have to do with their families.

Now they may have good reason to be unhappy but at the same time if we are not happy we need to make changes.  I  know that when I spend to much time on those who are negative I find that I get down.  So I try not to spend to much time with those who are always negative.

Who are we?

I was flipping through the channels last night and found a movie called Radio Rebel.  It is all about a girl who is shy and does not like to talk in public but ends up doing a radio show.   What made me think what do when it comes to talking in public and talking to new people.

Now in a previous life I had to speak in front of a large groups of people regularly.  I even had to speak several thousand of people.  Even now in my job I am talking to groups of people and I have to attend a lot of social events where I may or may not know people.  When it comes to my professional life or work life I can go out of who I am and talk to whoever I need.  I remember in college in my fraternity I was responsible for talking to prospective members.  Many I had never talked to before the events.

Now when it comes to my personal or social life that is a different issue.  My friends laugh at me because I may see someone across a room that I think is good looking and possibly my type and I will not go over and talk to them.  I am just so shy that I won’t go over and talk to them.  There was one time that friends even tried to bring someone over to meet and I couldn’t find a place to hide.  Now I know that seems extreme but I am that shy when it comes to my personal life.

The interesting thing is that in today’s society shyness can be overcome by the internet.  People can talk to other people in chat-rooms and message boards where the fear can be overcome.  Some of it I think is because they don’t actually see the person.  That can actually be a hindrance for people to overcome the shyness in dealing with other people.

So whatever the issue the most important thing is that we interact with each other.

Why be interested in what others do?

I am not sure how many people have heard that Washington State passed marriage for same sex couples.  I was listening to an interview where the opponents said that the winners should not celebrate to long as they planned to change their joy.

Now that got me thinking why are these peoples so concerned with a civil marriage of other people.  I have yet to see a law that allows same sex marriage to apply to other than those who are participating in it.  Why are they so concerned about what other people do?

Maybe some of those who are so against it should maybe work on their own relationships and not other peoples.