The Choice to Hate

I saw this quote recently, “Hate is far more of a choice than homosexuality will ever be.”  I thought this was such an accurate statement.  People how attack people due to their skin color, ethnicity, or sexuality have made a choice to hate  I know that I have a choice to be prejudice or judgmental of people.  Hate is not something that a person is born with  Think about it a child learns not to like people of color or gay people because their parents have taught them to do so.  On this thanksgiving weekend we should be thankful for who people are and not for a characteristic that makes them who they are.  Let us not chose hate in the world.


Test and testing

If you have not heard yet but there are a group of students in New York that are being accused of cheating on SAT.  Apparently there were people paid to take the test for others as well other methods.  Now I don’t know if these students are guilty or not and it is not for me to judge them for what they did or did not do.  But it leads me to ask the question why are students required to take these types of tests.

Now I have participated in these types of test prior to beginning my undergraduate studies and again when I applied to graduate school.  When I asked what the purpose of the test were in the application process I could not get a clear answer.  Later on when I was teaching at the university level and had work submitted to me by students I questioned again the purpose.  Students who did well on the tests did not do much better than students who did at a lesser level.  Friends who applied to law school or medical school again talk how their scores we not anymore important than some other aspects of their application.

Personally I have never been good at taking test of this format.  I have been successful in my life and looking back now I couldn’t tell you want my scores were and how they helped me become the person I am today.  Do we need these kinds of tests?  It is not for me to say but I do question still is there a purpose and how do they help?

Why make us wait?

As more and more movies come out I have to do double takes sometimes.  I have lost track of how many movies have been remade from movies already made.  Has Hollywood run out of creativity?

I find that I am watching fewer and fewer movies these days.  It has nothing to do with the price of movies but the quality of movies.  Fewer movies that are playing right now in the theater will I be seeing.  I can remember seeing every movie that came out one summer and loving them and seeing a few them more than once.  This weekend I saw a movie and it had been the first movie I had gone to see in a few months.

The latest trend is to split movies into two parts.  It was done with the last Harry Potter movie and they are doing it now with the last Twilight book.  Now I don’t mind they are doing this to allow for material to be put in the movies from the books.  However, the span between movies is way to long.  If it continues to be this way I would see audiences begin to not care about the second piece and say lets wait for the DVD.

What do they want?

Recently I was watching a story about the Wall Street protesters as they were being interviewed.  They were asked what was the protest about?  The answers from each person was different.  The answers were not even close to being the same.  Which leads me to wonder if any of those people know what is going on.

There are people who wanted to disrupt trading on wall street the other day.  What bothers me about that action is that it effects me and my financial status.  They focus on trying to stop the very wealth traders or owners.  What they seem to forget that not everyone who have stocks or 401k are really wealthy.  So why do they want to hurt the everyday person.  It has not convinced me to support them as a matter of fact it makes me want to have them arrested and dispersed.

There are also some who are pushing to disrupt the shipping yards in California as part of their so called protest.  Again they will disrupt the work of some hard working people who only want to make money and provider for their families.

So the bottom line for me this so called movement has not focus and should be given no support.


Thanks for …..

As we move into Thanksgiving in the US this week it makes me begin to look at my life.  I have been blessed in many ways.  Yes there are things I wish I had in my life like a partner to share my life with  but overall my life is very rich.

I have a job that makes me happy and gives some identity.  My bosses respect what I do and recognize my talents and encourage me to grow and share with others those talents.  I can see myself continuing to grow in my job and see myself having a very successful career

I also have been blessed by a family that loves my uniqueness and accepts me for who I am.  I need to be grateful for family who cares about me and is there for me when I need them.

I have to say that the friends I have surrounded myself enrich my life and help to bring excitement to my life.  I can’t say enough about how much they mean to me and how much I am so glad I have them in my life and how much they mean to me.

It is sad sometimes that we have to wait till this time of year to take stock of our lives.  I know I need to be more grateful the rest of the year and I need to work on that.  I hope you are able to be grateful for what you have

When does life begin?

Today in Mississippi there was a vote where they would define that life begins at conception.  Now if they pass this law it would have an effect on issues dealing from artificial inception to abortion to other aspects of sexuality.  Lives could be in jeopardy if they say yes to this law.  It is my understanding that this coming from the republican party and the more conservative part of the party.

What I have always wondered is why government feels they have to get involved in the sexual life of people.  Who cares what two consenting adults do behind closed doors.  I personally don’t want to know what my friends do or family for that matter do with another adult.

I wish that politicians would focus on the real problems rather than on the sexual  activity of adults.

Who is really messing up marriage

This past week there has been all kinds of stories about Kim Kardashian and her divorce after only 72 days of marriage.  There are all kinds of speculations as to why it is going to happen.  I have also heard that gay people will destroy marriage if they are allowed to participate in marriage.

Well from my perspective straight people have done a mockery of marriage for so many years.  They have celebrated in the strangest places and manners.  They have done it on horseback and underwater.  They have had everyone from Elvis to Aliens preside over their marriage.  So you tell me how is this respecting marriage.  There have been other people from celebrities to every day people who have gotten married for the presents or so that they could be the center of attention.

I think that allowing gay people to get married will not bring the world to an nor will it destroy it.  Reality is that most gay people tend to leave things in better shape than before they touched them.  Reality is that in Massachusetts the divorce rate has gone down since the State allowed gay marriages.  I would say that things are better now.

What organizations like National Organization for Marriage  don’t understand is that they really are not defending marriage they are trying to put forward their religion.  The reality of marriage is that from the beginning marriage was a contract between two men over their property, that being a woman.  All the customs that these people say are for heterosexual marriages are the rituals for trading property and example of this the father giving away the bride.

We should just allow gay people to get married and move on.  I don’t know of any gay people who want to have a religious institution bless their marriage.