Equal Rights

I don’t know how many of you out there have been following what happened recently in New York.  The exciting thing that there is gay marriage in 30 days.  I am excited that another state has moved forward in bringing equal rights closer for all people.

What I found interesting is how the Catholic Church among other churches first was lobbying against the passage.  Saying it is in the bible and that is how God created it to be.  Well first didn’t know that God had a direct line to anyone person to say exactly what he/she wants for marriage.  If you even look at the bible marriage was a contract between two men over the property one owned.  Yeah women were property to men.  If that is what the church wants us to go back to they should be lobbying that the laws change to only allow men to arrange marriage for women.

The other thing I thought was interesting that there was a push to make sure that churches and property that they owned could not be used for a gay marriage.  I am not sure what the final law says but I understand they were also trying to protect businesses from having to be required to do or participate in gay marriages.  To this I would say if I was going to have a marriage I wouldn’t want to have it in a place that was not accepting of me why would I want to go there for my marriage or even go there to worship.  If a business doesn’t want to my money because of my sexuality then why would I spend my money there.  There are choices in the world and I will be make choices for my happiness and who will respect me.

Marketing to GLBT community has become a billion dollar industry and as a community I am sure there are accepting businesses that would love to have a part of the income.  To New York elected officials thanks for taking the stand for equality.  For those who voted against it well I hope you can live with your conscious.

Be careful what you say

Today I was watching a movie I got from Netflicks.  It is Prayers for Bobby.  If you have not seen it I would recommend it.  It is about a young gay man who ended up committing suicide as a result of what others were telling him.

This young man could not find the support he needed to live a full life.  When he was able to find it because of what had been told him he couldn’t let go or open up.  I don’t know how many times I have heard that words have power.  I say it is so true they can influence people in a positive or negative way.  For those who may not have a high self-esteem it can be very damaging.  When someone is damaged they sometimes can’t recover from it.

In the movie the mother of the young man realized what happened but it was to late.  She would later go about to make a difference.  But why should we wait till something bad happens or we are forced to change.  We should change now and we should see what can be done to help other to open their eyes to what is around them.  Maybe they will embrace the world around them and maybe not.  But at least they will grow a little.

I hope that I can inspire those Bobby’s in the world to know that life is better and to keep working at it.  Life is amazing and we can make a difference.

How open are we?

I have gotten hooked a show called Merlin.  It is a series that the BBC produced about King Arthur before he became king and Merlin as a young guy. I have always been fascinated with the whole King Arthur story and the knights of the round table.  Well that is not what I am writing about tonight.

The series Merlin is servant to Arthur and he doesn’t know Merlin can do magic.  He doesn’t tell him because there will be repressions to his actions.  The king would kill anyone who did magic.  It made me think how honest about ourselves are we with others around us.  I know when I am dating someone I am not the quickest to reveal things about myself.  How about you do you tell who you are dating all about you?

Then there are those of us whose sexuality would be an issue for some people. Telling people about sexuality can mean losing friends or family for some.  For others it will mean coming closer to their families.  Things like sexuality can be a big deal for people in opening up to others.

So bottom line about being open is that the more honest and forthcoming about who we are to the world the better the world will be.


My favorite movie is constantly changing.  One day its one movie and the next day it will be something else.  One of the movies I like is called Gossip.  I don’t know if you ever heard of it or not.   A group of students start a rumor and see what happens with the rumor.  The rumor gets out of hand and cause other people to get hurt.

How many times do we tell a story or retell a story we have heard?  Many times we never even think about the possible damage that could occur to the person the story is about.  If we could think before we speak more often then the world would be a better place.

Hello world!

I have begun to post here and will try to make a posting on a daily bases.  If there are people out there who would like for me to talk about something specific I would love to hear from you.  I have some strong opinions and remember they are my opinions and you are welcome to disagree with me at any time.  Looking to hear what you all think of my thoughts and ramblings.